Starfire Tire Range



RS-R 1.0 Performance Tyre

The RS-R 1.0 is a unique combination of cool curves, unique design and a specially designed tread compound that delivers pure driving pleasure and real excitement at the wheel.

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RS-C 2.0 Ultimate Touring Tyre

The RS-C 2.0 has been designed to offer drivers the maximum comfort, low noise and good value performance in a popular range of sizes for small to medium size vehicles.

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RS-C88 Pro Touring Tyre

The all-new RS-C88 offers its users comfort, silence, safety and a satisfying performance standard in highway and urban driving.

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RS-T 4.0 Touring Tyre

The new RS-T 4.0 has an excellent wear resistance formula, with deeper grooves, 1.2mm deeper tread and an increase of 27% in belt density compared to that of the RS-C 2.0, giving the new RS-T 4.0 better puncture resistance. Current sizes available for small to medium sized vehicles.

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SF-610 SUV Tyre

The brand new SF-610 is a highway terrain SUV tyre. Its environmentally-friendly, HA oil-free compound makes it perfect for the green-conscious urban driver.

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RS-V66 Van Tyre

The new RS-V66 is a high quality light truck tyre designed to give commercial drivers high mileage, wet weather stability and a higher puncture resistance.

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RS-L909 Light Truck Tyre

Suitable for highway or urban use, the new RS-L909 is a purpose-made medium bus and light truck tyre.

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