RS-R 1.0 Performance Tyres

The RS-R 1.0 is a unique combination of cool curves, unique design and a specially designed tread compound that delivers pure driving pleasure and real excitement at the wheel. The RS-R 1.0 has been designed for high performance car owners as well as drivers who like to customise their vehicles.


  • Performance and Comfort
    The design of the tyre provides you with an excellent traction whilst cornering. The directional grooves distribute stress loads and prevent uneven wear on your tyre.
  • Engance Steering Response
    The wide central rib provides enhanced steering responses and feedback for you as the driver.
  • Low Noise
    The design of 5 different sized patterns offsets and reduces the noise giving you a quieter ride.
  • Stability
    The RS-R 1.0 has been designed to give you stability on wet roads. The 4 longitudinal grooves resist aquaplaning meaning the RS-R 1.0 can stop you faster in wet conditions.
  • Silica Compound
    The specially formulated rubber on the RS-R 1.0 provides uncompromising grip in wet and dry weather conditions.
  • Comfort and S.N.O.W structure
    An additional component is the vibration-absorption rib which reduces road noise giving you a quieter drive. The S.N.O.W (Spiral Nylon Over Wrap) structure improves durability and gives the tyre a greater contact patch giving you better stability at high speeds.