RS-C 2.0 Ultimate Touring Tyre

The RS-C 2.0 has been designed to offer drivers the maximum comfort, low noise and good value performance in a popular range of sizes for small to medium size vehicles.


  • Drainage Capability
    Solid shoulder blocks ensures rigidity of tyre shoulder to provide exact handling properties during steering and braking. 
  • Enhanced Steering Response
    The design of the RS-C 2.0 has a central circumferential rib which provides you with stability along with rapid steering response. 
  • Noiseless Structure Design
    Minimises noise, ensures steering responsiveness and prevents uneven wear.
  • Safety
    4 wide straight grooves achieve larger groove ration providing excellent water drainage.
  • Endurance, Performance and Comfort
    The RS-C 2.0 has excellent endurance due to the CAP/BASE compound and high performance polyester cord. An additional component is the vibration-absorption rib which reduces road noise giving you a quieter drive. 
  • Mileage
    The RS-C 2.0 uses a tread compound optimised for wet grip and low rolling resistance. This greatly improves overall performance, durability and mileage.
  • Wearability
    Tread compound features high wearability characteristics; pressure distribution software is adopted to ensure even contact pressure distribution.