Your invited to the Beenleigh Blaze ATL!
The summer of tennis has begun and we invite you to Beenleigh Blaze ATL (Asia-Pacific Tennis League) event at the Beenleigh Tennis Club (28 Alamein Street) this Friday night.
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Starfire Tires in Top 5 of Ultimate Drift Showdown
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Starlight Captains are Keeping Kids Happy with Your Help
A few of us were lucky enough to get the chance to witness the magnificent work the Starlight Captains from the Starlight Children’s Foundation do with sick and injured children..
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Introducing Starfire Tires

When choosing tyres for your car safety is the number one concern. Some of the Asian made tyres may be cheaper but do you really get value for money? In many instances Asian-made tyres are of a poorer quality, meaning that they wear out faster and lack grip especially in the wet.

To help answer any questions, when you are looking at buying tyres next, Starfire Tires have put their tyres to the test against five popular brands in today’s market. Unlike many competitor tyres Starfire tyres are not only engineered in America but also tested. Ensuring that Starfire tyres will give you the abilities of a high
performance tyre, without sacrificing tyre life and are made with the construction and looks to compete against other premium brands, without the premium price.

As a company Starfire Tires are dedicated to providing a well priced tyre without sacrificing on safety and quality. The results from the testing clearly shows that Starfire tyres stand out from the competitors as a tyre, safety is by far the number one concern when buying car tyres, especially if you have a family. Read more about how Starfire tyres performed against other leading brands.